Adolescence and young adulthood can be a time of discovery, challenge, and bravery.  Young people have the remarkable ability to explore what is unknown, test boundaries, and find new ways of being in the world. 

Adolescence can also be a time of turmoil and distress because so much may be new and often intense.  There are significant developmental, social, academic, and biochemical changes that occur.  For some this can feel overwhelming and confusing.  Often, they are grappling with the questions: who am I? Who are my friends and where do I belong?  How do I navigate the world while making sense of new and changing relationships, feelings, and expectations?  

My aim is to support teens and young adults find their own answers and their own path through self-exploration, practical tools, and insightful guidance. My focus is to help young people turn conflict into connection and to expand their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.  I offer honesty, depth, compassionate care and a sense of humor.